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Just thought I’d throw my feelings out here! ^-^’

Okay! So I just read chapter 3 from Aerandria and it was pretty good!  So we were introduced to Kohaku and her toad-friend Hayate, who used to be human until he got mixed up in some crazy spell business!  By the way Asagiri, is AWESOME!  I love her bigger form, its very pretty!  I also like where the story is going because it seems to have become even more twisted! ^-^ (Bwahaha! Thanks you Tanemura-sensei! )  I really like Kohaku, she starts off all clumsy and cute, but then we’re shown her awesome side (she’s got awesome powers GO KUNOICHI GO! )  She actually reminds me bit of myself! XD Actually after reading chapter 3 I went back and reread chapter 2 and Aoba said something like their fates were intertwined and then he goes and shoots her, WOW.  I’m not really sure what to think of time.  In this chapter we didn’t get much more info on him, except that he’s been “seduced” (XD haha sure) and it must be stopped.  I’m still wavering on him, one minute its “OMG SAKURA ARE YOU HURT?!” (well yeah you did just kind of shoot her) and then the next is, “I knew you would come! Its was all a trap for you!” -___- gah!

Alright, I admit I did exaggerated a bit.

Sakura, on the other hand, has gotten COOLER!  She’s realized her resolution, and it made her STRONGER! WHEW! I just love fighting girls! Although her “battle cry” is similar to Sailor Moon, Sakura-hime is way cooler XD


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