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Haha, I’m in a very Halloween-esque (is that even a word?) mood today! Ok so this is pretty random but it was one of those moments where you wants to scream THAT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!! ^-^’

So yeah today while I was volunteering at this fall festival type thing, (I was working a wildlife booth) and my friend was like “hey those people over there are wearing trash bags.” And me, being well me, was all excited was like “WHERE WHERE?!” So I looked all around the area until I found them and was like haha they are trash bags, why would you wear that? But then they got closer and I realized that they weren’t trash bags but COSPLAYERS! (I needed my glasses to see all the details)

I practically screamed because you wouldn’t really see that kind of thing at the event I went. It mostly consists of activities for kids, food vendors from all over and establishments and groups that need more people. There is also music, hay mazes, giant pumpkins (all the October/Fall related stuff).

XD Yeah so there were like three of them, I only really recognized two. One was Axel, another was wearing an Organization XIII cloak, and the third was wearing a Moon Dorm uniform from Vampire Knight! KYA!!! XD I ran up to them and asked if I could take their pictures and they agreed (THANK YOU!). Some of my other anime obsessed fan friends saw and made me take more pictures for them!

So when I got home I rushed to get this out XD Haha! No I’m not going to post their pictures because I don’t have their consent, if I ever do I will but I’m not sure I’ll see them again so you guys will just have to deal with the pictures of the characters/outfits XD

Axel of Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts 2:

Moon Dorm Girl’s Uniform from Vampire Knight:

Please note that she was not cosplaying as Touya Rima, she was just wearing the uniform. I only used a picture of Rima because she is my favorite VK character.


While I was volunteering I got very frustrated because STUPID PEOPLE kept thinking that we killed animals! WHAT THE HECK?! I would NEVER do that!!! RAWR!!!

Okay, let me explain. So I was working at a wildlife refuge booth, A REFUGE booth! I’m not sure what they thought refuge meant, but refuge to me means, a safe place used to protect people and or items. Yeah so, we had animal pelts (muskrat, rabbit, coyote, fox, skunk, otter, and beaver) and three bird wings (Great Grey Owl, Red-tailed Hawk, and Barn Owl) out to show people what kind of animals were out on the refuge.

It was going pretty well (it was fun to see their reactions to touching a skunk pelt) until we got to these people, who gave a looks of disgust. It was kind of like they were looking down on us, like they were saying, “My god! Who are you horrible people! I would never allow my child or myself to touch that”. At first I thought they just didn’t want to touch the pelts, which I can sort of understand (well not really I grew up with my dad dragging me places going “lets touch the animals or lets learn about the environment” he’s a pretty outdoorsy kind of guy), but then I over heard some people say, “that’s horrible, how can they kill these animals just to display their skins to small children!”

I was like WHAT THE @*$#^&*( YOU @#$*_) SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME! HAVE YOU NOT SEEN OUR SIGN, THAT CLEARLY STATES WE ARE A REFUGE?! Well I was like that in my head of course, so I walked over to them was kindly explained they all died of natural causes and these pelts are used for educational purposes ONLY, because we are a REFUGE! She looked a little embarrassed and I was like yeah take that lady (but now I feel kind of bad sorry lady).

Well I guessed only one person wouldn’t be so bad, but that’s the thing, there were even MORE stupid people who kept thinking the same thing! I mean come on people, this is a fall festival with tons of little kids running around, yeah they’re really going to allow a poaching/hunting association to interact with little kids. Jeez! -___-

GAH! It just got me really angry because they automatically assumed we killed them all for this! NUUU! WHO ON EARTH WOULD DO THAT?! RAWR!!! *fuming silently* I’m going back tomorrow with another friend, this time I hope the people have more common sense!


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