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Ah, cute! A pumpkin bath!

Ah, cute! A pumpkin bath!

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Hey Hey everyone out there in the blogging world! This is Alice-chan and I just started because I felt like having one specific place to just talk about stuff I like. ^-^’

So feel free to drop by and leave a comment! I won’t mind I like to hear what you guys think about stuff!

Um…so yeah here’s what my blog will consist of:
1. Reviews for books that I feel are awesome
2. My thoughts on anime episodes (If I really really REALLY like it or was very disappointed)
3. Reviews for manga that I think should be read by everyone!
4. And random things that make me smile or want to scream to the mountains, “THAT’S PRETTY AWESOME!”

I’m going to try to keep an image theme, one that fits with whatever month it may be and since it is currently October, its going to be all HALLOWEEN images! YAY! The ULTIMATE cosplay day! (I don’t cosplay though) Go candy! ~yum ^-^

Ok so thats pretty much it for my first official post! Bye bye~



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